Bursting out onto the scene is Bolivian bestial bastards Satanic Bloodspraying, whose back catalogue is zilch and contains only this debut which should already be out. There is scant information on the band, no Facebook, no MySpace, no official webpage except a Bandcamp and label link, which makes me think whether this band really is from Bolivia or some bunch of established musicians masquerading under a pseudonym. Now I prefer to think that this is indeed an original act from Bolivia, and once you hear it you’ll think of old black metal like Bathory mixed with the savage onslaught of somebody like the punk fuelled insanity of Impaled Nazarene. The moment “Draining Blood” kicks off you will think it is an ImpNaz tribute act playing material from their first three albums. There is little subtlety in this album, with screeched vocals enough to melt glass and a snare tone like someone is chiselling into the side of your head.

The classic song titles are firmly intact with “Satanic Skullfuck” being a cracker and possessing a racket very like Nifelheim, as a lot of this album does to be honest. The bass line that starts this is fucking colossal like Cronos on more steroids, Lemmy when he’s not had his JD. The speed does approach war like black metal, but for comparisons sake this fits more along with Destroyer 666, Nifelheim as I said, Bestial Warlust, Desaster, and I guess any number of black thrash outfits in the scene currently. The beastly barrage continues on “Necro Dominatrix” as I am reminded of what Venom used to do a very long time ago, though slower I admit. The incendiary approach to the songs is frighteningly abominable, with each being demonically possessed as though Satan himself is sat behind the desk twiddling the knobs. “March Of The Dead” is a bit slower and has a Marduk feel to it especially the Legion like vocal delivery.

“The Day The Earth Stood Still” has a very basic piano start, before the riff which has a build up style and again is slower. The song has a marching style to it, with an insidious atmosphere and malignant spirit. Closing tune is the title track and probably the best song for me, with its scything demented riff being used as the starting gun for the murderous blast assault. The riff is ghoulishly immense and one that will stick to your ears like Satan’s vomit. Though my review is fairly short it should in no way create the impression that I didn’t like this album, or give it my full attention, far from it, but I can’t see the point of using countless superlatives purporting to the blasphemous insanity on “At The Mercy Of Satan”, it is heinous, it is savage, it is malevolent but by hell it is good.

7.5/10 (Martin Harris)