This EP was apparently released in 2011 so has taken a fair bit of time to get to Ave Noctum. The first thing to note is the EP cover art work which depicts a fruit machine with the various symbolism representing what appears to be mankind’s effect on the planet through politics, war, religion, etc. The currency is human beings, where you insert lives and observe the result, very abstract really, where the winner retains his or her life after playing depending on the outcome. This is only a three track release and contains straight thrash, no frills, no technical bullshit as the riff on “Radiation” reminds of early Metallica circa 1984. The speed is solid, with a clear production showcasing the playing ability which is rather splendid. The style of thrash is Bay Area predominantly, with quality lead work and a bit of harmony and with the vocals being powerfully clear and possessing a good mid range tone this Dutch outfit has got it balanced just right. The riff break is heavy metal but leads to a faster section, as the song ebbs and flows very smoothly from one section to another.

“Global Content” has a good lead start that hints at power metal initially before the riff change and cymbal taps and smashes. To clarify my reference to power metal means the heavier US version of it, as this is really untainted thrash metal. The double kick fits well too and is followed by a good solo. Even though the song is only five minutes it feels epic with the amount of stuff packed into it. As I said this is only three songs and closing the EP is “Genesis” which begins with some acoustic guitar and Maiden qualities that are superseded by a double kick riff break that is overlaid with lead work.  There is quite a while to wait before the vocals come through as the song becomes a little more frantic. Sometimes I felt as though the band couldn’t decide whether to go for the jugular or caress you with leads and harmonies, but in all honesty both are fine and flow along with each other symbiotically. In some respects this album is more power thrash than straight thrash, but one thing is for sure Destitution write good songs which should stand them in good stead for their next release which the band needs to put out with some urgency to avoid the name stagnating in the underground.   

(7/10 Martin Harris)