Since discovering this band a couple of weeks ago, Attic (from Germany) are a real heavy metal band, if you like anything from Mercyful Fate to something like what Portrait and In Solitude are doing right now, then you need to check this band out. This debut EP is in good old cassette tape format, the sound quality may be fading, but the music shines through. Clenching your fist is the result of some massive evil, eerie guitar notes that intertwine with often epic and falsetto vocal lines, the band are routed in the graveyard, their dark uninhabited or haunted forest and this really suits this style of music, especially the impression gained from the cassettes artwork.

‘Funeral in the Woods’ is great, but ‘The Headless Horseman’ is bloody perfect. This is everything I want from this genre, head banging is mandatory, liking this is also mandatory, you see where I am going with this don’t you! Musically, there are a few bum notes, but it’s fitting, it authentic, I don’t hear a band trying to be anything that they are not or pretending to be a cover band to some of the classic bands already written into heavy metal history. I love this EP, this is another of those finds that will probably end being kvlt and popular in a little time from now, it’s very fitting that a band this great produce music that’s simply evil, divine but hopefully not the last in line (yeah I couldn’t resist the Dio reference!). Attic are appearing at next years Keep It True festival, what a great addition they will be, and if you are able to track this EP down, do yourself a favour and buy it. There is room for improvement, but what they produce is something that I can really recommend.

(7.5/10 Paul Maddison)