The fact that site editor Luci and I both got an email with subject header Latexxx Teens and she immediately deleted it and I immediately opened it speaks for itself. It was not grubby spam as I expected but actually an invitation from an Italian band to download and review their new EP ‘Adrenochrome Redux.’ What I will say is that perhaps the group are not getting as many reviews as they want as everyone thinks that they are sending out filth rather than publicising their group due to their name. Luckily there are a few perverts like me around.

Secondly, when I say EP that is not quite the case as the main 5 tracks from this Gothic troupe are backed up by plenty of remixes and even a surprise cover. Most of these have some assistance from various luminaries who even if you have not heard of Latexxx Teens themselves, are perhaps a little more familiar.

A nice stomp heavy beat with chaotic keyboards running amok in the background sees ‘Nemesi’ bound into action. It’s a bouncy number and as singer LXT joins in and the chugging bass and infectious chorus hone in at you it is all very reminiscent of the likes of Murderdolls and latter day Marilyn Manson. The five songs here are fast and furious and come at you quickly and thickly only sticking around at under 4 minutes each. Best is the shortest ‘Destroy Everything’ (For A Better World)’ which is techno punk laden aggressiveness based around a playground sounding rant of a chorus which quickly embeds itself in your head. Keyboards are very prominent and futuristic synth pop of numbers like ‘Black Heart’ shines through and makes it all really quiet accessible along with the clean vocals and melodic tune. You can see this lot going down a storm with the Deathstars crowd as well as on the club dancefloor. Although the disc has been named Andrenochrome the track itself is not a cover although a nod in the direction of The Sisters Of Mercy. It’s a hyper fast multi beats and bleeps per minute with lots of swearing in it which goes down a storm and will no doubt have you singing along and shocking old ladies after a couple of listens.

Apparently the group have covered ‘Millennium’ by Killing Joke in the past which I shall have to hear and just in case you were feeling short changed cue a Temple Of Love tribute huskily crooned by guest vocalist Chris Harms of Lord Of The Lost. It’s a pretty spot on version and true to the original and I think the change of vocal style has paid off. Anyway it would take a real fool to balls up such a classic number. After this it’s time to remix the original tracks. ‘Black Heart’ sees ‘Rosie Garland’ of The March Violets adding her voice and the track snake dances nicely around this and some sinuous fluid beats. Freakangel give a body popping EBM feel to ‘Nemesi’ making it dark and brooding rather than the friendlier feel of the original and Destroy Everything has the knobs twitched to make it even faster and more manic courtesy of DYM.
Apparently the last couple of tracks are re-recordings from ‘classic’ tracks taken from the group’s 2006 EP and round the disc off nicely.

So a good discovery then and if you like any of the aforementioned bands as well as other Italian acts such as Dope Stars Inc who share a guitarist and saw Victor Love co-producing this, it is worth checking the group out. Just be careful throwing the band’s name into Google image search, you might get a bit distracted.

(6.5/10  Pete Woods)