Artist: Deus Mortem

Title: Darknessence

Type: EP

Label: Witching Hour

For once it’s not going to be the longest of reviews and the reason for that is simple. We have a band with their first release and it is a mere two tracks of music, one of which is a cover as well. Dead Mortem are a Polish duo with members past and present from an array of bands including Azarath, Behemoth, Anima Damnata, Blitzkrieg, Thunderbolt, Throneum and Witchmaster. It’s probably due to this pedigree that the label has signed them up to release just an EP, something that is not the most common way of doing things it has to be said.

First number ‘Receiving The Impurity Of Jeh’ blazes in all guns firing with a meaty sound behind the ferocious drumming and scything guitars. The vocals are fiery and rasp away with finesse as one tries to get to grasp with the style of music which although both death and black falls more on the side of the latter to my ears. A powerful clean choral sweep scales over things and the guitar goes into flamboyant solo moves. There is a counterpoint of brutality and melody here and the song gets its hooks in and leaves you hungering for more. That more comes in the form of classic ‘Scorn Defeat’ number ‘The Knell’ by Sigh (who also get their new album reviewed here today). It’s an all on fire incendiary blazing version without anything extra brought to the table in the way of Japanese accoutrements. It sounds suitably Polish and brutal and the vocal yaps match Mirai’s, at the time early screams, very nicely.

So that’s about it but this does bode well for further work. I find it surprising if the label has not helped fund the production because it sounds very professional indeed and this no doubt helps the cause. Look out for the name Deus Mortem in the future, I will be.


Pete Woods