Artist: DeathCult

Title: Demo 2011

Type: Demo

Label: SR

Well someone obviously has convictions in their music to fire a 2 track demo CD across the pond from the USA to us. There are only 9 minutes or so of music here from this fledgling Chicagoan crew but it gives plenty of indication that they are ravenous and want to get their stuff heard and who can blame them? The logo on the front is the sole indicator of what sort of sound to expect here. It’s got a sense of old-school mischievousness about it hinting that it was put together quickly but with thought involved, as well as a sense of grotesque fun and that is pretty much the impression I get from the music too.

The quartet behind this have served time in other UG acts like Mordrid, Deadnight and Terror Throne a couple of who got past the demo stage and released albums. I guess this is the plan for DeathCult as well and although this obviously is hardly destined to sell by the bucket load there is no reason why they shouldn’t get some attention from a DIY label.

Starting off with ‘Born To Lose’ negativity is battered out from a heavy drum salvo which kicks into gear with some nice gnarly and morbid sounding death doom riffs. Speeding up we chug into a bouncy melody which is suited to the fairly powerful mix. Vocals kick in and there is a nice gruff delivery snarled out from singer Tim Pearson that combined with the music bridges the gap nicely between acts as varied as Autopsy through to Asphyx. Following this we are flung into the toxic swamp that is ‘Mutant Generation’ with a faster choppy pace behind it. This is a sound to down beers to, clash heads in the pit and try not to throw up on your boots. Throw in a flailing lead, dive off the stage and land out your head, lights out, job done!

Not a huge amount more to say here, this does just what you would expect it to do and delivers the goods nicely with plenty of promise behind it. It’s a bit silly giving a mark out of ten for just two tracks but the judgement is that I like this and will be happy to do just that if and when they succeed in getting an album out. 

Pete Woods