Artist: Coilguns  

Title: Stadia Rods

Type: EP

Label: Dead Dead Dead Music 

Having reviewed this bands split with Kunz during the middle of 2011 and being suitably impressed by their post hardcore and experimental music style this EP is hot on it’s heels. Said split was a chaotic exploding fusion of metal and hardcore and this EP follows it quite nicely and adds more experimentation to an already seething volatile compositional style. Opener “Parkensine” is pure post hardcore that boasts some reminiscence of these musicians maingame, namely The Ocean. The technical aspects of Coilguns fall firmly in the Dillinger Escape Plan style of maniacal guitar work. The big drops in pace to sludge territory add menace and an intimidating atmosphere.

Short but not so sweet “Zoetropist” blends bedlam and bludgeoning as firm bed mates and violence with fury that laugh insanely at your perpetual suffering.  Sludge rears it’s thick and monstrous decaying skull on “In The Limelights” which begins with drifting guitar distortion that builds in an epic way but without any signs of arrogance. The tune is dark and depressive in a way that reminded me of Canadian act The End. Once the song gets going there is an almost primitive black metal rasp on the guitar work, all this taking place with no bass work until after a couple of minutes and with a lack of vocals as well. Again The Ocean is a reasonable reference point even if the music isn’t as progressive. It’s back to post hardcore experimentation on “Witness The Kern ARC” which has rabid snarling vocals that retreat to leave a catchy guitar hook and cymbal work that eventually shifts up a gear before allowing sludge guitar and density to wade in.

Closing the EP is double part song called “The Shuftan Process” and begins on part one with Dillinger like guitar wizardry and hyper fast picking, the sporadic blast insertions create a frenzied feel in the tune that relent to reveal a dense almost mechanical sludge. The drop in pace for electronics serve to lead into part two which has an industrial flavour being clangy in the sound. The percussive elements on this part are huge with drum fills, cymbal work being melded into the guitar breaks with seamless precision. In some respects this whole song has elements of Converge with the manic guitar work and hyper snare blasting seeming to appear randomly. This is an EP of highly eclectic post hardcore that fans of Dillinger Escape Plan, Botch, Converge, etc would enjoy. Added to this the release will be available as a limited edition 12inch vinyl and handmade digipack. Even my promo copy was a hand numbered limited edition. Also the band is touring in April so check them out if you can, I know I will be. 

(7.5/10 Martin Harris)