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Feature & Interview Alt-Fest

Feature & Interview Alt-Fest

There is a clue in the name and Alt-Fest is very much the alternative festival that we in the UK could only have dreamed about a few years ago. It was then that announcements were made telling us about this brand new festival and we.. Read More
Interview - Thine

Interview – Thine

‘All things come to he who waits’ goes the saying and in Thine’s case, it feels particularly apt. Back in 2002, the band’s star was very much in the ascent. 1998’s eclectic and well-received debut ‘A Town Like This’ was followed up in 2002 with.. Read More
Incineration Festival – London Garage 10/5/14

Incineration Festival – London Garage 10/5/14

  This new and highly anticipated festival catering for the extreme black and death metal audiences had been creating a lot of interest almost as soon as it was announced and with each new band getting added, the bill just kept getting better and better... Read More
Interview - Conan

Interview – Conan

Ah, Conan. Lords of heaviness and thunder. With Blood Eagle still pounding in our ears, and gigs on the way, we managed to grab a little email time with guitarist/vocalist Jon Davis and took stock of what the view looks like for them from Crom’s.. Read More
Interview – Kampfar

Interview – Kampfar

Kampfar was one of the bands that defined dark, extreme pagan metal back in the 1990s and has always managed to keep its hobnailed boots planted firmly in respectable black metal territory. Now, with the band’s 20th anniversary approaching, Kampfar is back with a vengeance,.. Read More
Interview – Dayal Patterson on Black Metal Evolution Of The Cult

Interview – Dayal Patterson on Black Metal Evolution Of The Cult

If you like black metal chances are you have heard of the fantastic new Feral House published book ‘Black Metal Evolution Of The Cult.’ In fact you have probably bought it like I did at the first available opportunity and been devouring it page by.. Read More
Interview - Cynic

Interview – Cynic

It’s an oft-used cliché but in the case of renowned prog-death-metal crew Cynic, it really is no exaggeration to state that they have never played by the rules. From their 1993 debut ‘Focus’, the prodigious talents of the band were plain for all to see.. Read More
Albums Of The Year 2013

Albums Of The Year 2013

  So it is done, another year and another round up about what has really made its mark with the music we love in 2013. This is everyone’s most difficult task of the year and it seems that this one has been harder than ever... Read More
Interview - Conflict

Interview – Conflict

If you are a regular reader of this site the chances are you like your music to be edgy and confrontational. It is not always meant to be safe, indeed sometimes it can even be downright dangerous and contentious. As far as punk rock is.. Read More
Interview - Hail Of Bullets

Interview – Hail Of Bullets

Having set their sights on Russia, Japan and North Africa most recently, it was now time for Ave Noctum to fall in the firing line of Hail Of Bullets’ immense armoury. Rather than the blood, shit and severed limbs which we were worried might result.. Read More
Damnation Festival – Leeds University 2/11/12

Damnation Festival – Leeds University 2/11/12

You can tell how successful a festival is by the amount of people there and even as we enter the labyrinth Leeds University to negotiate the four stages that the event has been expanded to the first band on our list are playing to a.. Read More
Interview - Autopsy

Interview – Autopsy

In the mid-nineties, when death metal was as popular as Cradle Of Filth is now, I discovered an album. Not just any album, but a second-hand copy of Autopsy’s ‘Mental Funeral’. On my descent into the obscure world of death metal, this commandment would go.. Read More
Interview - Solefald

Interview – Solefald

One thing that was rather a big surprise was to find out that Solefald were not only going to play their first dates since 1998 but also they were going to kick off the ‘Fire Walks With Me’ Tour alongside Vreid and In Vain in.. Read More
Interview - Vreid

Interview – Vreid

After an unusually quiet year for Vried, the band came back with a vengeance last month with their sixth album Welcome Farewell. Darker and more direct than its predecessor it will no doubt get an airing over the coming months as the band gear up.. Read More
Interview - Voivod

Interview – Voivod

  Just an hour and a bit before this interview was due to take place I could have literally killed technology as I had what can only be described as a bastard power cut. Surrounded by candles with analogue phone but questions on the useless.. Read More
Interview - Shining - Niklas Kvarforth

Interview – Shining – Niklas Kvarforth

  As far as depressive blackened textures are concerned there are few more adept at painting them musically than the Swedish band Shining. Perhaps for some the thought of approaching the music is too off putting as dwelling on the dark side is not to.. Read More
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Interview - Dust Bolt

Interview – Dust Bolt

Back in May when the review list went out, my eyes were drawn to a band called Dust Bolt. I didn’t know much about them, but when their name was followed by the words “German” and “Thrash”, I knew I had to rectify this situation... Read More
Interview - Vintersorg

Interview – Vintersorg

Vintersorg, the man, the vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, has contributed to more than 25 albums since 1994, encompassing many different styles of Metal. His past and present bands include Otyg, Fission, Waterclime, Havayoth and Cronian, but is probably best known for fronting Borknagar since the turn.. Read More
Interview - The Osiris Club

Interview – The Osiris Club

  Here at Ave Noctum we have the pleasure to swim in very creative waters. Quite a few of the artist’s we feature see and manage the visuals and music as a whole but not many quite like The Osiris Club. These prog-y rockers absorb.. Read More
Latest Album Reviews
Star Insight – Messera (Inverse)

Star Insight – Messera (Inverse)

Finnish bands often do melody very well, and this debut album from Star Insight, who have been around since 2005, is no exception. As this driving force of an album got going, I quickly realised that “Messera” is an amalgam of many styles. By the.. Read More
Lavagoat – Weird Menace  (S/R)

Lavagoat – Weird Menace (S/R)

In the last couple of years Lavagoat have released from the dark woods of Canada two of the finest and dirtiest blackened doom albums to have crept across the frozen North and into my play lists, namely the exceptional self-titled debut and the crushingly heavy.. Read More
Dysangelium – Leviaxxis (World Terror Committee)

Dysangelium – Leviaxxis (World Terror Committee)

Absolutely no messing about courtesy of a short, sharp three-track demo from this Germanic five-piece. To hell with intros or any of that sort of window-dressing – ‘Til Only The Light is Left’ races out of the gates in a surge of churning, corrosive guitar.. Read More
Latest Film Reviews
Lurking Fear – C Courtney Joiner (88 Films)

Lurking Fear – C Courtney Joiner (88 Films)

“The thing came abruptly and unannounced; a demon, rat-like, scurrying from pits remote and unimaginable, a hellish panting and stifled grunting, and then from that opening beneath the chimney a burst of multitudinous and leprous life – a loathsome night-spawned flood of organic corruption more.. Read More
Tourist Trap – David Schmoeller (88 Films)

Tourist Trap – David Schmoeller (88 Films)

Tourist Trap 1979 was one of many films made under Charles Band’s Empire Pictures (which later became Full Moon Productions) stable in the booming golden video age. Band himself was a director and producer responsible for many stand-alone films and franchises such as the very.. Read More
Bloodsucking Freaks – Joel M Reed (88 Films)

Bloodsucking Freaks – Joel M Reed (88 Films)

Of all the lurid titles vying with each other for attention in the golden days of exploitation film none had quite the compelling call of Bloodsucking Freaks. Just one mention of the film was enough to have gore fans literally giving their right arm for.. Read More
Latest Live Reviews
UK Tech-Fest - Newark Showground 13/7/14

UK Tech-Fest – Newark Showground 13/7/14

After the over-riding success of last year’s event, Tech-Fest returned bigger, bolder and brighter. This year saw the team take over the Newark Showground with its simple access to hangars for the stages, merch stands, bar and promoters. Not to mention the outbuildings for the.. Read More
Airbourne – Rockhal, Esch/Alzette, Luxembourg 17/07/14

Airbourne – Rockhal, Esch/Alzette, Luxembourg 17/07/14

Ah, the return of Airbourne. In a little over four years they’ve hit this particular venue as many times. The last time I caught them was the second of these occasions in late 2010 on the ‘No Guts, No Glory’ touring cycle. When they initially.. Read More
Necros Christos, Binah, The One & Funeral Throne – London Dome 14/6/14

Necros Christos, Binah, The One & Funeral Throne – London Dome 14/6/14

Another cracking line up here, combining the best in death and black metal and it seems like all sorts of tribes are descending on Tufnell Park. Round the corner playing the smaller Boston Arms there’s a Voice of Oi mini festival taking place and what.. Read More